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Green Up with Lawn Fertilizer

Grow healthier, greener grass when you add the right lawn fertilizer to your lawn care routine. Because grass does not live by sun and water alone

What is Lawn Fertilizer?
Fertilizer is the nutritious food your lawn needs to grow thick, green grass and to maintain its rich, green color during the growing season. Fertilizer also helps to control weeds during the spring and summer and to promote root growth during harsh winter months.

What?s in it?
Nitrogen, phosphorous and potassium are the three essential nutrients in all lawn fertilizers. Nitrogen promotes growth and greener color. Phosphorous helps to develop healthy roots. And potassium helps grass to resist disease, protect against drought and provide overall health. The numbers on the fertilizer bags show the percent by weight of these three ingredients and the formula always lists them in the same order -- nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.

Types of Fertilizer

  • Granular (dry): This dry fertilizer is the most common type and is available in quick-and slow-release formulas; both are water-soluble. Quick-release fertilizer provides nitrogen to grass immediately. Slow-release fertilizer gradually provides grass with nitrogen and is less likely to burn it.
  • Liquid: Gaining in popularity, liquid fertilizers are highly-concentrated formulas that you mix with water. They are absorbed quickly.
  • Organic: All-natrual organic fertilizer is environmentally friendly, adds organic matter to your soil and includes no harsh & harmful chemicals.
  • Starter: Starter fertilizer is specially formulated for grass seed. Use this fertilizer when starting a new lawn or repairing spots.

True Value Takes the Guesswork Out of Lawn Care
Fertilizing is not a one and done activity. Your lawn need to be fed year ?round and our Green Thumb 4-Season Annual Lawn Fertilizer Program or Scotts 4-Step Lawn Care Program makes it easy to do. We also carry the products, tools and supplies you need to maintain your yard year-round. And don?t forget the fertilizer spreader.

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