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Staying Cool is a Breeze with the Right Fan

Discover True Value's large variety of cooling solutions that transforms your living area into a comfortable retreat, even on those hot summer days.

Tower Fans: These feature a sleek, cylindrical design that makes it a great space saver. Oscillates at varying settings to distribute cool air in small- to medium-size rooms.

Box Fans: Portable fans that helps to circulate air in small- to medium-size rooms. Can draw in cool air or push out hot air depending on window placement.

Floor & Pedestal Fans: This type of fan provides efficient cooling and air circulation in larger rooms. Options include multiple settings and an adjustable height pedestal.

Wall-Mount Fans: Offer airflow and circulation while saving floor space. These work well in basements, garages, workshops and home gyms.

Window Fans: Units are designed to fit in a window and pull cool air in and push hot air out. Perfect for creating a cross-breeze.

Ceiling fan: Use less power than an air conditioner while enjoying a cool breeze during warm weather. Also use it to circulate warm air during cool months. Available in a variety of sizes, styles and finishes.

When the temperature heats up, fans are economic way to cool down and save on energy costs. Buy online today and save when you choose the Free Ship-To-Store option.

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